We got involved in our first public Brexit debate recently in Leeds. Until then all the chat had been internal in our office, with some vociferous clients and the ubiquitous friends and family political chat.

The majority of our office as we understand it was firmly on the remain side on the 23rd June and there was significant concern when the vote went the other way that we would spiral into a whole world of commercial pain.

As with many people the initial worry and concern faded as we just carried on and the world didn’t fall apart. In fact in certain areas of our business the brakes came off and the work started to flow more freely than it had in the first 6 months of 2016.

The debate involved some  40 or so recruiters being informed of the likely consequences from an employment law perspective and then debating certain specific recruitment focussed issues around Brexit. When asked about how the vote had affected our business it proved difficult to give any specific Brexit related examples of where our business had been hit since the end of June.

It’s fair to say that the room was predominantly filled with Remainers and whilst there were concerns voiced about uncertainty, the speed of likely trade deals and the make up of the political negotiators being sent to Brussels the discussion was calm and considered with an air of glass half full – the decision has been made, it may have gone against many in the room but things haven’t come crashing down and there is plenty of opportunity to counter any threats.

We came away very upbeat, the vote had worried some of us enough to get up and go into the office in the very early hours of 24th June to manage the fall out but since then life has gone on, HR teams continue to grow and change, work has been coming our way in sensible volumes and there are opportunities across the Northern and Southern parts of our business to invest, grow and develop.

Some of us now even see the upsides of the Brexit decision although perhaps it’s safer to say we’re moving towards the fence rather than being fervent Brexiteers….

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