Sounds rather grandiose when put like that, but growing businesses and developing careers is precisely what we do here at Eyzon, in fact we’d go as far to say it’s what the aim should be for any recruitment consultancy (you’ll note I avoid the term “agency”). Consultancy is what we’re about, that’s how we can help your business grow and your career develop.

How we do it, the culture of this organisation, what it feels like to work here as a consultant or work with us as a client or candidate is where we strongly believe we set ourselves apart from the competition; testament to that (I realise we are not unique in such a claim?) is that the vast majority of our clients started their relationship with us as candidates. So when we say that our mission is to grow our clients businesses and to develop our candidates’ careers we see this as a single integrated goal.

Over the years we have built a clear understanding of what you (colleague, client, candidate) want from us:

We believe our clients want to be able to trust us to get things done, to understand their business, the sector and the available talent pool. They want us to add value through our insight and knowledge and to have the courage to challenge.

We believe our candidates need for us to truly understand what they do for a living on a technical level and to be able to advise them on the career paths open to them regardless of seniority, previous industry experience or specialist focus.

We believe our consultants need to be given the knowledge and support to have confidence in their convictions, they need the freedom to utilise their pragmatism and commercial mind-set to provide outstanding service for our ever loyal client base.

Words on a screen are limiting when it comes to expressing culture. We have tried to distil them into four broad values that we exhibit in our day to day dealings with each other and you…

 AUTHENTICITY. We are open and we are candid. We are transparent in all we say and do and we work with the single minded goal of winning trust from everyone with whom we come into contact

CARE. We come to work for the opportunity to build genuine, long term relationships. We care and are curious to learn as much as we are able to about you. This gives us the courage to only ever accept work on which we are confident we can fully deliver.

EXPERTISE. We are consultative experts and we work hard to stay at the leading edge. We are proud  that the insight we provide creates competitive advantage for our clients and candidates alike

DRIVE. We have an absolute determination to look far enough and hard enough to be 100% sure that when we make a recommendation we know that no stone has been left unturned, no short cut has been taken and that this is the best advice that could be given.

We are proud to be Eyzon and to be helping your businesses grow and your careers develop.

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