I was recently invited to speak to the global Reward leadership team at BP here in London about their team specific recruitment challenges. Ten of us sat round table and discussed such issues as; general market trends, perception of their business – and specifically their reward team – within that market and suggestions about innovations they might want to consider to facilitate an even more efficient process of attracting the top talent to their team.

Three things really struck me as a result of this invite and the discussions that ensued:

Firstly; this is a business with a strong brand, a positive perception within the general workforce, operating in a fairly buoyant candidate market but they still perceive difficulty in attracting top talent in Reward. Given the highly successful professionals – and therefore career stories – sitting around that table, it was clear that there were plenty of things that they could do to ease those difficulties, particularly if it was considered to be part and parcel of their daily activities rather than becoming front of mind only at the point they have a vacancy to fill.

Secondly; despite being such a highly successful organisation with fewer detractors than many other organisations in the UK, they are constantly striving for improvement; a reward team dedicating precious time in their Leadership Team meetings to their own recruitment is a rare thing, maybe such attention to detail is part and parcel of their success to date.

Thirdly; How many other Reward teams turn the spotlight on themselves when they struggle (or at least perceive to struggle) to recruit into their teams rather than simply blaming the market or their in-house recruitment functions?

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