While we operate in a highly competitive market we find that we have few direct competitors. Our model is not to muscle our way onto every PSL, the other larger HR recruiters and the Direct Hire model have that covered. We look to present an alternative to traditional search, to provide informed consultative advice to our clients, which lends itself to a service defined by quality, reliant on relationships and built to last. Haste – certainly; speed – not necessarily.

Of course we are on some PSLs, in many cases it is a procurement necessity, but our focus on working on an exclusive basis means our membership is often non-standard. We’re more regularly to be found on the “executive” PSL, and where SLAs are heavily speed-centric we often opt out.

As a team we work with some level of structure in terms of business development activity, with consultants having responsibility for driving our operations in some loosely defined industry sectors, but we are highly fluid. You might be working for a law firm one day, a manufacturer the next and a media company shortly after, but it may be your FS knowledge that is of particular value to us all.

We are not driven by seniority of role; purely by quality of service required, while the average salary for roles in 2015 is around the £80,000 mark we have remits in the twenties and indeed in excess of £200k throughout the year. We pick our fights…a £28k role on exclusive basis with an organisation that wants to partner with us is just as interesting as the much more senior roles, the fee may be smaller but the relationship is just as valuable.

We expect our consultants, regardless of seniority to be technically knowledgeable and curious about HR; we want to engage with the market on a much more value added basis than simply talking about jobs; we look for bright and ambitious people who want to challenge the behaviours that fuel the detractors of our industry (while fully understanding that those detractors often have a point). In return we have a very transparent, mathematically calculated, and generous remuneration strategy and a culture that’s more “professional services” than “sales floor”.

If this sounds like the sort of environment you might enjoy, we’d love to hear from you. We are always looking for talented, experienced, like-minded recruiters with genuine interest in HR. Of course people with experience of recruiting HR specialists would be very interesting to us, but if you’ve spent your time recruiting finance, legal, tax or marketing professionals within London you’re likely to have the sort of network that would be very valuable to us – we are more than able to invest the time in developing your HR knowledge, imparting knowledge is after all what we do for a living… We are growing carefully and organically as our clients request more and more from us and we are conscious that the consultants who fit us best won’t necessarily be in the HR world at the moment.

If you’d like to hear more please get in touch.

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