The Eyzon team has years of experience in matching talent to top organisations, and we treat all of the contacts within our select network with respect. Supporting, advising and assisting in every aspect of HR, Change and Communications recruitment.

Our service is more than just the trade of jobs and employees. Working with people requires a human understanding. We listen, we learn, we cooperate, we counsel. Then we deliver. The Eyzon approach is consultative and that is why we’re cut from a different cloth.

We are Eyzon. 

Consulting is both a noun and an adjective. We are and we do.


Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to clients, customers and business partners.

At Eyzon, that means we pay attention and we understand. We provide an advisory service tailored for each individual business. Because no two brands are ever the same.

Our values

The Eyzon experience is never just a transaction; our service is a consultative one that is built on trust and unrivalled expertise. We believe there is a better, more responsible way to recruit. We live it and breathe it through Eyzon’s core values.

As a recruiter for leading national and global brands, we know how important it is to set a precedent and uphold the highest standards. We preserve values that form our business backbone. And the principles we have in place ensure that we deliver the best service, for both candidate and client without fail.

These are our unwavering brand values that make us who we are.



An association of two or more people as partners

Eyzon is about connecting; our relationships are what define us. At the heart of everything we do and the meaning of the Eyzon spirit. We will always be ethical, approachable and respectful of every relationship. Never taking you for granted.


Awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation

At Eyzon, that means we get it. We understand and respect the market we work in. We are passionate about the HR, Change and Communication profession and will work tirelessly to learn, evolve and always stay in the mix.


Made for a particular client or individual.

Some say we’re “bespoke”. Some say we’re a “boutique” agency. We don’t care for labels, but we are proud to be different. We are one-to-one, flexible, agile. We believe in actively listening and working in partnership to provide the best service.


The condition of being transparent; as clear as crystal.

Honesty shouldn’t be a luxury. It should come as standard. Eyzon consultants are sincere, direct and open. We value the time of clients and candidates, so working with us will always be easy and straightforward.

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